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    We’re a national company dedicated to helping Veterans and Widows of Veterans with their Long Term Care Expenses by qualifying for the VA’s “Aid and Attendance Benefit”.

    This benefit is available to those individuals who require assistance with their medical needs.

  • Whether living at home, independent living, assisted living or a nursing facility, the benefit is substantial It has been around since 1951. Yet millions of Veterans are unaware that the benefit exists

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  • 2015 Maximum Monthly Benefits.  If the Veteran is 65 or Older, or, 100% completely disabled. Your maximum Monthly Benefits are:*

    • $1,149 – Surviving Spouse
    • $1,404 – Healthy Vet /                 Spouse Needs Care
    • $1,788 – Single Veteran
    • $2,120 – Married Veteran


    *Other limitations may apply!

The Improved Veteran Pension Benefit – Aid & Attendance Information

Mr. Tillman, I received the good news yesterday that my request for Government Benefits had been APPROVED! This approval was in large measure due to the careful and thorough support you gave to the application and the additional requests that were asked for by the V. A. You have been a great advocate for me in my quest to qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. I served three years in WWII and I appreciate your advocacy for me and fellow WWII Veterans. Thank you very much.

Robert B WeaverChaplain at Twin Towers

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  • Our mission is to find as many of those Veterans and Widows as possible and to work diligently on their behalf.  We achieve this goal by having free informational Workshops at Retirement Communities throughout the USA.

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  • We have attempted to answer the more commonly asked questions through the links on this site but to address your specific situation it is best to give us a call at: (513) 400-5573 and a representative will be happy to help. For a local representative go to Contact Us